Caroline Becker

Wholesome Soul Food

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I strongly believe that a healthier and happier life is available to all of us.

Holistic Health Coaching is an empowering journey of reclaiming responsibility for our health and wellbeing by creating healthier eating and lifestyle habits. We work together to develop a mindset of self-kindness that allows for self-exploration and growth. In a heartfelt and safe container you can understand and overcome what is hindering you and step by step move towards your health goals – whatever they may be.

To gain thriving health in our whole being, all levels of the human being must be nourished and balanced – this is fundamental to my holistic approach. Beyond the physical body we will explore the emotional, mental and spiritual sides of your life as well.

Common areas I address with clients include losing weight & increasing vibrant energy, connecting to our body's true wants and needs, supporting gut health and thereby reducing inflammation, digestive issues & food allergies, alleviating stress and anxiety, and overcoming mental blockages through mindful practices.

I'm a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Yoga teacher. I offer Integrative Holistic Health  Coaching and Private Yoga sessions.

I'd love to help you become a happier, healthier you.

Please reach out to me to schedule your free 1 hr health history consultation, or for more information visit my website at