Eric Embrey, MA, LMHC, CMHS

(206) 683-8310

Hello and welcome.  My practice involves working with individuals, couples and families.  I generally describe my treatment approach as client-centered, solutions focused and systemic, with an overall emphasis on strengths.  As a client-centered therapist, I believe compassion, empathy, respect and trust in the therapeutic relationship creates the environment necessary for change and growth to occur.  With a solutions focus, taking inventory of our progress together and your goals is equally as important.  More broadly, as a systemic or holistic thinker, I am also interested in integrating the circumstances of your life into the therapeutic process as needed, such as current family dynamics, career changes, multi-cultural factors, disability issues, economic challenges, physical health and the like.  Lastly, I bring an avid interest in Mindfulness to my practice (a skill set designed to reduce the impact of challenging emotional responses and upsetting thoughts).


Common challenges I work with include identifying and reducing unhelpful patterns, difficulty with making positive changes happen, ongoing sadness, loss (e.g. job, partner), loneliness, excessive worry, persistent relationship stress or simply trying to cope in an increasingly fast paced and complex world.  I am also well-known in the community for helping teenagers experiencing crisis and assisting young adults build and navigate independent living skills.

My expertise includes over 15 years agency work as a Child & Family therapist and in private practice with teens, adults and their families.

Please check out my website for more information.