Melissa Morning Reid, EAMP

Bright Heart Medicine

(425) 306-1616

I am a licensed East Asian Medicine Practitioner, combining Chinese Medicine from the 5-Element and 8-Principle traditions with energy work and spiritual healing from Sufi Healing traditions. I am interested in working with clients of all ages, from 0-99.  


I am committed to keeping costs low in order to make treatment accessible to as many people as possible, from all walks of life.  I do not accept insurance, but I offer a sliding scale from $30-$90 per hour.  Please note that my office currently requires negotiating a single flight of stairs.

5-Element and 8-Principle are two complementary approaches to Chinese Medicine.  5-Element acupuncture focuses on our health and well-being in the context of our basic constitutional concerns and relationship to life.  8-Principle acupuncture focuses more on our state at any given time, a more close-up look at imbalance, showing up as whatever physical, emotional, or spiritual symptoms you may have right now.  Both approaches are relevant.

I call what I do "Sufi Acupuncture" because I have found it is very clinically effective to combine Sufi healing techniques with acupuncture.

I have a personal affinity for working with sound and light.  Thus, our healing partnership might involve anything from the judicious use of needles, cupping, moxabustion, tuning forks, or cold (non-heating) lasers, to bringing attention to the breath, the body, and the heart, as well as invocations and prayers in Arabic or English.  All is done with the intention of opening the heart, increasing resilience, easing symptoms, and bringing Mind, Body and Spirit into harmony, in alignment with the Oneness underlying all things.

I am happy to work with you in accordance with your belief system, whether you consider yourself religious, spiritual, or an atheist who believes in Love.If you are not in the area, or you are not able to come in to the office, I offer Sufi healing sessions over the phone.  Please see my website for more information.

I was trained in acupuncture at the Middle Way Acupuncture Institute, and I have trained in Sufi healing at the University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism in California, where I continue to study.  I have learned from a number of extraordinary teachers, and continue to do so.  I am currently being trained in botanical medicine, and hope to offer this soon.

Please visit for more information.