Integrative Healthcare with Heart


We are a community of independent practitioners who share a unifying belief in holistic healthcare. At Bodhicitta Healing Center we blend body, mind & spirit with science, art & experience to provide excellent care in a comfortable and peaceful setting.

Bodhicitta Healing Center is a leader in creating viable alternative healthcare options and complimentary healthcare for the greater Seattle area. We are located in the lower Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle in a beautiful turn of the century house.

The word Bodhicitta is an ancient Sanskrit word and translates as awakened heart or enlightened mind. In the East the heart and the mind are synonymous and when in harmony radiate supreme health. Thus signifying the importance of the spirit to the health of the mind and body.

Bodhicitta is easily accessible from Hwy 99, I-5 and Seattle public transportation. Click here for Map and Directions

Bodhicitta Healing Center is open 7 days a week. Hours are set by appointment only and vary according to each practitioner. Fees and insurance coverage vary from practitioner to practitioner.

Our group of practitioners are here to assist you on your path towards greater health of your body, your mind and your spirit.

Currently, we offer:



Chinese Herbal Medicine


Flower Essences Therapy

Holistic Health Coach

Massage Therapy

Maya Abdominal Therapy

Plant Spirit Medicine



Shamanic Healing

Sound Therapy

Sufi Healing

Traditional Thai Massage


Please contact individual practitioners for more information

or to schedule an appointment.

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